Meet Our Creators!

Meet some of our wonderful creators!

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Candy Goblins Dinos

Candy Goblins focuses on quirky and fun designs to be worn by all!

We focus on playfulness, and want to make every outfit a little fun, through the use of earrings.

We create earrings in a range of different ways, so there is something for everyone!
From using toys, to laser cutting, or 3D printing, we are always pushing the boundary of what could be worn as jewellery.

A lot of our jewellery is even interactive such as tangle earrings or working kazoos making them fun and functional!

At I’m That Stitch I love beautifully made, handcrafted, bespoke pieces of art.
That’s why I decided to go into business and start my own embroidery company.

Established in the summer of 2020 and inspired by small businesses popping up during the lockdown I felt a need to create something that’s not only personal but also beautiful. 

I hope you enjoy the pieces I have created for The Queer Emporium!

Kelzo Logo

KelZo Jewellery is a family run polymer clay jewellery business based in Cardiff.

We sell various colourful pieces, create custom orders on a regular basis, and have a vast Pride Collection, from which we donate 10% to our chosen charity.
This year’s charity is Mermaids Gender!

We believe you can show your pride all year round when you wear KelZo Jewellery!

Myths and Tits Logo

Mari Catrin Phillips is an artist originally from Pembrokeshire, now based in Cardiff. After graduating in 2018, Mythsntits was created from a passion for mythology and a need to give the female and LGBTQIA deities a voice.

Mythsntits is a celebration of queer culture throughout Welsh history by detangling the stories from the Mabinogion to discussing the gender bending Rebecca Rioters.

With a bit of colour and a lot of cheek, Mythsntits is a safe space for the LGBTQIA community to enjoy the rich history of queer Wales and to have a bit of fun !


Paned o Gê is a queer bookshop based in Cardiff, Wales. 

A social enterprise designed to highlight, promote and celebrate LGBTQ+ talent and creators, the shop currently primarily operates online, though it has made numerous appearances at outdoor markets. 

The shop runs many social programs, such as a Pay It Forward scheme, and it is currently saving its profits in an effort to purchase an electric van, in order to sell queer books throughout Wales.

Pie Box Goodies

The Pie Box launched at the beginning of 2020 with the hopes of offering something different to the vegan community, but also to show people that eating plant based is only getting easier as the years (or even months) go by, with no need to sacrifice your taste buds in the process!

Primavera Therapy

Primavera Therapy is an inclusive massage and holistic therapies business designed to help relax, rebalance and restore your mind and body.

We have created handmade bath salts and relaxation bath time boxes to help extend the pamper and give you a bit of zen in your very own home.

All products are cruelty free & vegan.


QueerTM was set up with a goal: to represent as many parts of the LGBTQ+  community as possible.

A wide range of our clothing is available here at The Queer Emporium, including our Polari sweaters, in a range of select colours.

Polari was a secret language used predominantly by gay men pre 1960 and we want to bring it back!

Our popular ‘Daddy’ caps are also in store!

Weird Wednesday is run and created by Emma & Cora (both use they/them pronouns), two non binary parents with a love for all things queer, weird and wonderful.

We are passionate about creating a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals and making merch that is affirming, bold and sometimes a bit ridiculous. 

All our purses and bum bags are handmade and embroidered in Wales and we try to be as eco friendly as possible.

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